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Noah's parents are totally awesome!

People who know Noah Ringer in real life has given us a little info about his family. Here's a few things that we have found out, about Noah Ringer, his experiences on set, and his family.

1. Being the star of the movie, and having to also attend school for a certain amount of time a day, Noah Ringer was very busy during the shoot (along with Nicola, who also had school). But any time he did have free time, he would go with his mother, father, grandmother, Nicola, and Dev to Philly.

2. Nicola's mother would also take Noah places, as they put it, to 'cultural' places.

3. Noah's family is super conservative and they carefully moniter his internet access. The person who wrote this, probably his on-set teacher, warns that if you want to post on his Facebook or attempt to contact him in anyway on-line, you have to be super-sweaky clean, or his parents won't allow him to see it. Noah himself would not be bothered by less-than-cleanliness, but his parents most definately would. His mother wants him to stay focused on school, martial arts, and his outside activities. (Probably includes shooting the movies.)

4. The teacher warned his mother to keep him far away from any talk of casting or Racebending, so Noah was not allowed to go on the internet unsupervised during the movie's entire shoot. (This is a bit unfortunate, but anything to protect our little Noah from those meanies. [See? I'm all ready practicing being cleaner!])

5. (It's not really related to Noah, but it's still a little funny). During the shoot, during the downtime between shoots, the Fire Nation soldiers apparently started an impromptu "Stomp"-like band. LOL!

Well, I'm super-glad that Noah's parents have kept him away from all this Racebending junk. This whole time, I was concerned about him, and the effect that all that hate could have on him. But I'm glad he has been sheltered from it. I'm a little upset that he has to be sheltered in the first place. But what are you going to do? Anything for Noah's happiness!

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